Bill outside of a rave

Bill Farber is a supporting character in the mod. He leads the Ravers faction in Vice City.


Bill was born on a dutch train and lived off of Frikandels and happy hardcore. He is said to not have a very close relationship with his family. His whole life mainly consisted of taking SPANK and train hopping around the world. During his travels he met Rick Chance while passing through Ludendorff, North Yankton. They both travelled together due to them having similar interests. He finally decided to stop the hopping in Vice City.

Life in Vice City

Once he moved to Vice City, his relationship with Rick got tangled. Rick still wanted to participate in raves with Bill, but he decided it's best that he has some sort of steady income incase the raving scene dies out. This lead to Bill treating Rick very badly. He did terrible things to Rick, including but not limited to; tossing danishes at him, attempting to shove a model train in his anus, and making him listen to something that isn't happy hardcore.


After having his faction crushed by Niko Bellic and Rick Chance, Bill decided to have a last stand in Gabber Airwaves. He is shot down by Niko near the DJ set. Before he explains himself to the best of his ability to Rick. Rick is displeased with what he's hearing and proceeds to electrocute Bill with a torn wire from the DJ set.

VCPD Database record

Surname: Farber

First Name: Bill

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Probably somewhere in North Brabant

Affiliations: Leader of the Ravers faction in Vice City.

Criminal Record

  • 2009 - Possession of controlled substance - SPANK
  • 2009 - Possession of controlled substance - LSD
  • 2009 - Possession of controlled substances - SPANK
  • 2010 - Possession of controlled substances - Willy Nilly
  • 2010 - Assault


  • Has obsession with dutch TV show, Kut.
  • Can speak Musle.