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Galaxy 88.0 is a radio station in Vice City's Serbian that is considered to be the weirdest station that you could possibly listen to. Weird numbers, conspiracy theories and brain rattling music tends to stir a lot of people away, but those who want the truth stay.

Station history

Galaxy 88.0 was originally Swingin' Sixties 88.0. The broadcast was suddenly hijacked at some point in 2007 by someone only known as Umbra. The station is now used to broadcast obscure music, sounds and messages..

Rumors about Galaxy 88.0

Conspiracy theorists may think that the station's mysterious host, known only as Umbra, may be a disgruntled CIA agent releasing secret information, or maybe just crazy. Who exactly funds the radio station is unknown, as the government has already tried to have it shut down. Every time someone tracks the radio signal, it leads to random locations around the city, only to leave the signal location unknown.

Some people say that Galaxy 88.0 is really trying to distract the citizens of Vice City into beliving things such as Zombies and UFOs so the local government can waste money on fancier weaponry and helicopters.

The show host, Umbra, has claimed to have met and played air hockey with Bigfoot. Although there is no proof of this.

Umbra is probably a shut in basement dweller who spends her time watching anime shows and playing animated pornography games on websites such as

Some people speculate that the numbers that can be heard on the radio station are actually code language. Nobody has been able to crack the code yet, though.

Some people say that the station is super natural because there are no commercials. So, Galaxy 88.0 doesn't get any funding. But then again, Umbra could be hacking the radio waves.

About the host


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The host of Galaxy 88.0, Umbra, was a shut in at the start. She spent her early years hiding in the shadow of her family's house. As she grew older, she began to show signs of obscure mental illnesses. All that is really known is that she is in her mid twenties, hiding in some abandonned building of some sort. She claims to have made contact with life from other universes, her family had ties to the illuminati, and that she had sexual relations with Dracula. She does infact suffer from Diogenes syndrome, making her even more of a nutjob.