Tux, the Linux mascot.

Linux is a free, open source operating system that can be redistrubuted to be claimed as it's own. Linux is known for being faster and far more effiicient than Windows. Linux is also becoming the next gaming platform.

Linux and Vice City's Serbian

After/Near Vice City's Serbian is finished, A Linux beta will be the next large project. Until an official Linux version of VCS is available, Linux users will have to use WINE to play the WinAPI version of Vice City's Serbian.

Spoofing in GTA

Eunux is an operating system that parodies Linux that is present in Grand Theft Auto IV and Vice City's Serbian. The OS was created in the early 1990s as a clone of the commercial ANIS operating system by a Scandinavian teenager named Eunus, a play onLinux kernel architect Linus Torvalds. Eunux's mascot is Sux the Sea Cucumber, which parodies Linux's mascot Tux the Penguin. Like the real-life OS, Eunux is available in several distributions, including RedTwat, Ucuntu, Slackcrack, and Knobbix, which are parodies of Red HatUbuntuSlackware, and Knoppix, respectively. Eunux's main website,, details the history and goals of the Eunux OS and its community. The website makes fun of the misconception that Linux is a difficult operating system to learn. Eunux is considered the male-only world of open source software and discourages females from using the OS. Eunux is also a word pun on "eunuchs", or castrated individuals.