Pinch 108.7 is the miscellaneous mix station for Vice City. It is hosted by Joel, a has been radio DJ. The station is popular with people in their thirties to fifties.

Additional information

Pinch was first started in 1995 by Zaibatsu under the name of The Tape to gain monopoly on the radio market. In 2008, due to the failing economy Zaibatsu sold the station to the VCPR owners. The station is now opperated and funded entirely by the VCPR corporation. VCPR Corp is now the most powerful radio company in Vice City due to the fact that they own two individual stations.

About the host

The host of Pinch 108.7 is Joel, a washed up thirty-something with substance abuse issues. He used to be big in Vice City until some radio star by the name of Lazlow Jones to his spot and wrecked his career. Although he's fortunate that he still has a station to host, he constantly throws fits on air before or after his substance abuse.