Niko Bellic
Rick, staring at Niko
Appearance(s): Vice City's Serbian
Full name: Niko Bellic
Also known as: Ricky
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: February 24th, 1985
Place of birth: America
Family: Unnamed Mother and Father

Ronald Chance

Main affiliation: Niko Bellic
Vehicle(s): Green Opus Mantis
Businesses: Bellic Industries
Voiced by: N/A

Rick Chance is a supporting character in the mod.


Rick Chance was born in Feburary 24th, 1985 in an unkown location (see trivia). His mother and father were very loving people, and he had an older brother named Ronald, who went to college and became a realator. During his high school years, he was a member of his school's hockey team. During his childhood, people used to play tricks on him, such as his brother, who signed him up for the military behind his back.

As such, Rick was put into the army and became a paratrooper. However, he spent most of his time in the hospital during boot camp, having shot himself repeatedly in the butt just to get out of training drills. After getting out of the hospital and back into boot camp, he got dishonorably discharged for wiping his ass with the American flag (which he claims was an accident). During his travels around the US after being discharged he met Bill Farber in Ludendorff, North Yankton. 

Life in Vice City

Rick and Bill train hopped across the globe and eventually ended up Vice City. The financial crisis make Rick realize that it'd be best to make a steady income incase the rave scene dies out. He still participated in several raves, but business mattered more. Things were finally getting better for him until Bill started treating him differently because of his choices.

As Rick starts pulling more small time jobs, he encounters Niko Bellic. The two realize what a good team they make when assigned a job together and decide to work as partners. Once Bill catches wind of this he begins to send ravers after both Rick and Niko. This eventually leads to Rick turning against Bill with the help of Niko.

Bill is killed by Rick during a shootout inside of Gabber Airwaves. He takes a shifty wire from a wrecked DJ set and electrocutes Bill to finish him off.  He feels little remorse. He only wanted to keep being his friend.


Rick is narcissist, often putting his own interests before anybody else's. Despite this, he is quick do defend his friends or loved ones. He also has too much time on his hands, most of which is spent either doing drugs, drawing his penis, collecting sprunk cans, and building model trains. As a result of this, he fails to plan ahead, which almost always ends in catastrophe. He is also a sociopath, and nobody knows why.


  • When asked about his hometown, Rick constantly changes the answer each time, leading to an inconsistent answer regarding his hometown. These replies include New Hampsire, Las Venturas, Washington D.C., and Hamburg.
  • Rick is a frequent drug user, and often has wild hallucinations while taking drugs, such as imagining the Abominable snowman, Mossleman, and Richard Nixon.
  • Rick's favorite music is gabber, which gets on Niko's nerves during the story.
  • Rick is visually inspired by Richard from New Kids.