The story

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Art of Tommy Vercetti

*Note, the story is still unfinished, so this page is also unfinished*

Vice City's Serbian focuses around Niko Bellic. As the protaganist of Grand Theft Auto IV, he endured a war between the mafia and the law. Crime was being killed by the Government. He was in a dying game. After his love, Kate McReary died, he decided to move to Vice City. Vice City seemed like a safe place. Nice and calm... When he arrived he enjoyed himself. Sunny weather and a beach. Everything was perfect, until Claude came along.

Claude pulls Niko into the criminal underworld, causing all sorts of chaos and events to happen. As the city was being ruled by the Vercetti family, Niko begins to take out the smaller gangs. Rising to the top, Niko is then powerful enough to take on Tommy. Gangs will then clash into all out war, making the city your true crime infested playground.

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