The upgrade system

A key feature for Vice City's Serbian is the ability to customize certain aspects of the game. The three key elements that you can upgrade are Vehicles, Weapons, and Lots. Each upgrade costs a larger amount of money depending on how it works. There are usually multiple version for one upgrade slot, which will be explained below.

Basic upgrade information

There are four slots for upgrades when it comes to the three key elements. For example, there will be multiple choices for 1, same with the rest. Each element has it's own upgrades that make it distinct in it's own way.


  • Slot 1 is paint. you can mix and match paint colors to your liking.
  • Slot 2 is overhaul tweaks. You can choose from nitro, hydraulics, and durability improvement.
  • Slot 3 is bumpers. You can customize the bumpers completely. IE: Bumpers with spikes on them.
  • Slot 4 is for Additional tuning pieces. From fins to antennas.


  • Slot 1 is sight. Laser sight, ACOG scope, or improved hip fire accuracy.
  • Slot 2 is underbelly additions. Flame throwers, mini shotgun, or a knife.
  • Slot 3 is paint. Snow paint, flames, and gold.
  • Slot 4 is Damage. 50% more damage to 100% more damage.


  • Slot 1 is guards. Guard helicopters, guard towers, or guards standing around outside.
  • Slot 2 is paint. Choose the color of the outside paint.
  • Slot 3 is the production company. Prostitution, Drugs, Theft or Protection.
  • Slot 4 is size. Is it a high roller or a low roller. Skyscraper or a typical building?