Vice City's Serbian Online is the primary gamemode in the version of VC:NET included with th modification. It functions as an extension of the singleplayer story as it picks up a short while after the main story finished off.

Introduction to Vice City

After creating your Online character with Create-a-criminal, the player is introduced Vice City. The map has changed a bit since you last saw it. There are New bilboards, graffiti spots and establishments around the city. Once you arrive in Vice City through FlyUS airlines, youree free to do what you want. The city is your playground.

Property ownership

Once you gain enough money within VCSO, you can purchase a number of properties. You can buy houses, apartments, and even private islands. You can customize different themes for your property and even invite friends over to hang out and do various activities.

Car ownership

Bellic Enterprises owns numerous businesses around town, including Sunshine Autos. With the cash you've earned from completing various tasks you can purchase vehicles. The stock ranges from sloppy jalopys to sports legends like the Infernus. You can customize the paint, tuning objects, and overall statistics.


Apart from exploring the city, getting into races, and taking out enemies in PvP missions, you can actually experience an all new story that wraps up the events of the Singleplayer capaignn. You start by pulling jobs for Rick Chance. Small time hustles like taking out groups of people to working for Niko Bellic himself. You'll meet many new faces and see quite a few old ones.