Introduction Edit

Vice City:Networked (VC:NET) is a modification to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City engine that extends limits and alloss for more verticality with code. This allows multiple script documents to be loaded at the same time within a virtualized or online networked environment.

Usage in Single Player Edit

VC:NET allows multiple .SCM documents to be ran at the same time, allowing for a much more organized and diverse experience. This expansion also introduced limit extensions that are seamlessly done through the command console. For example: A person is building a map and they hit the internal IDE limit. As long as the person is using VC:NET as their base, they can raise the limit to 9999 (or even higher) without busting the engine. VC:NET does all of the needed algorithms to extend the engine without needing much work from the user's end.

Usage in Multiplayer Edit

VC:NET has native multiplayer support, whether it be yhroug a dedicated server or in-game hosting. Players are subjected to endless possibilities that blur the lines between PvP and PvE experiences. If someone desires, they can play through any SCM with their friends almost seamlessly through transactions of packets. Cooperative and Competitive experiences can be merged or diverged easily to allow different game play types to prosper and expand within the communityss hands.

Downloadable Content Edit

Players can load entirely new content without replacing anything by using the new package system. If you desire, you can build a whole new game off of Vice City without duplicating the game or changing any core filss.

Crash logging Edit

Did you crash? Good, that means we can document and fix the problem if it's on our end. If it is on yours, we can help greatly. Everytime you crash or encounter some sort of error, VC:NET documents the obstruction and dumps the logs to a crashdump text document.