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The Vice City Dueling Championship (better known as VCDC) has been going on since 1986. The show consists of numeruous contestants fighting eachother for money and for the entertainment of others. It brings in a lot of money as it is a pay-per-view show. Every year there is a special event that marks the anniversary of the show, involving more carnage and gore.


The show started in 1986 by Weazel. It started off as a free view event and was on live TV. People could also come out and watch the show live for a fee of $10. The show consisted of multiple contestants fighting for money. It was a clean show, but quite a few bones were broken.

In 1990 people were finally tired of the same routine over and over each year. So, Weazel bumped it up a notch. The show was finally using melee weapons. Every round featured fists and weapons, ranging from cleavers to spiked baseball bats. The show was bloody, but nobody died.

Three years later, the fans were bored yet AGAIN. Weazel noticed a large drop in their cash flow. So, they bumpted it up a lot. The show was then permitted to use guns. Players would fight to (near) death in a bullet proof glass arena. The show brought it in a lot more money, but this was only the beginning.

In 2001, A Liberty City version (LCDC) was made by Weazel, and to bring in even more money with the launch of a new show, Weazel permitted bigger battle fields, teamplay, machine guns, explosives and even chainsaws. The show was all about staying alive while you're hunting someone down, or being hunted. For every puddle of blood there was, Weazel earned another $6,000.

2010 was the biggest year for VCDC. Weazel authorized the use of miniguns and flamethrowers. The show was literally a legal version of war, and people loved it.


Players are set up against eachother in a maze. Weapons are scattered around the maze, and players must fight for survival. In a (team) deathmatch, players must kill other players and take their money. The last person standing not only proves they are the best; they win $500,000.